GDC 2011 is right around the corner and it’s a day many people who follow Zelda news have been waiting for. We have heard, literally, nothing about Skyward Sword since E3 2010 save for the fact it will be coming out after E3 2011. With the game last heard to be in the final preparation stages one has been wondering when we would see more of the game and learn more about it. Well, GDC 2010 is as ripe a stage as any to begin the hype train into it’s release later this year.

What we should expect to see and hear about Skyward Sword:

  • A new trailer
  • A new demo featuring an actual in-game area
  • At least one new item revealed
  • Average expected play time (length)
  • Release window
  • Possibly the announcement of a bundle

What you shouldn’t expect to find out:

  • The exact release date
  • More of the story revealed

Per usual these are just some average expectations based off of how they treated Spirit Tracks at GDC 2009. We will also most likely get surprised by some information we didn’t see coming, which is most likely used as a heavy hype building tool. All around Skyward Sword is sure to excite and entice many gamers by the end of GDC 2011 and the hype is only going to get bigger the closer we get to E3. I’m not sure the hype will reach the point of being as big as it was for Twilight Princess, but at this point we at least know, beyond a doubt, that Skyward Sword is being released this year.

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