GameXplain is at it again, this time putting the most recent Zelda U footage through their “analysis machine.” As opposed to the discussion they had a few days before this, the analysis goes in-depth, attempting to leave no stone unturned in discovering every possible detail and hint available in the footage.

The analysis has a couple of key topics it hones in on. The map, world size, and GamePad usage get a good amount of analysis. The map on the GamePad is surprisingly detailed, with icons for potential points of interest. There are also extra buttons that could hint at other uses, like inventory management, akin to how the GamePad was used in Wind Waker HD. A handy clock also appears on the GamePad, showing what time it is in-game.

The graphics of Zelda U are also highlighted. Bearing in mind that the footage currently available is zoomed in, and thus of poor quality, you can extrapolate details that really show off how beautiful this game will look when we get to see it in proper HD quality. The grass reacts to your movements, Epona‘s tail and mane move realistically, and the lighting and shadows are absolutely top-notch. It really is quite impressive, hinting that the final game may even look better than the already impressive E3 footage.

This analysis also attempts to map Link‘s progress throughout the Game Awards footage, figuring out where he is from start to finish. There are a lot of details in the world that are picked out – hints of settlements, buildings, caves and dungeons; waterfalls and paths; and even the possible locations of key Zelda locations like Lake Hylia and Death Mountain.

If you want an in-depth look at the latest Zelda U footage, check out the video above to see every possible detail. And maybe you can see something that GameXplain missed in the footage – if so, let us know in the comments below!

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