HW Legends In one of GameXplain’s recent videos they analyzed the contents of the Hyrule Warriors Legends Famitsu scans of Skull Kid. It shows that his weapon will be an ocarina and he will be joined by both of the Majora’s Mask fairies. He will be using darkness for attacks and it is shown that he may use the ocarina to control the fairies. One of the moves shows dark energy building up in him and it needing to be released. He has a laser attack and can lunge into a spinning attack.

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It is also shown that Phantom Ganon will be the Wind Waker version and is dual wielding blades. He does wide swings with his swords and can send out energy balls that can be sent back. A new enemy with a metallic mask and club is believed to be a new version of the Big Blin that it will be stronger. A new mechanic against bosses is shown where a green outline appears when there are more than one characters present, showing a faster way to take bosses out.

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Source: YouTube