The forever diligent folks of GameTrailers are so done with 2009. They suffered through the housing crisis, Lady Gaga takeover, and another year without a new Legend of Zelda console title, wiped the dirt of their shirts, and emerged ready to stumble through another year of madness on good old Earth. Looking through the upcoming year of new releases, the staff created a video of the games they wanted to get their hands on the most. Naturally, one would expect the mysterious Zelda Wii project to be very high on the list, but “conflicting reports” from Nintendo prevented its appearance on the countdown.

One of the other “big” titles from Nintendo was included on the list, however: Metroid: Other M, relevant to us and this news post because of the inclusion of a brand new Metroid section of our forums. Its creation stems out of 1) our community’s giant love affair with the Metroid series and 2) the conceiving of a Metroid Wiki, run by the very same people you can see idling in our chat and endlessly viewing the online list.

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