Since giving away free Pokemon downloads are a normal happening at Gamestop, when a potential new download hits the the rumor mill chances are it’s going to happen. According to Bulbapedia, which for my money is the single best Pokemon site on the net, Gamestop released it’s distribution materials for the next couple months and it included Celebi in Febuary.

Celebi, which will be available for free as a limited time download at local Gamestop stores, will be a level 50 Pokemon holding a Jaboca Berry and will know Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, and Healing Wish. Celebi will be held in a Cherish Ball that will hold a Classic Ribbon. Celebi will be able to trigger a time travel event in SoulSilver and HearGold that was only previously available to japanese gamers. If you transfer Celebi to Pokemon Black and White through the Transfer Machine, players will be able to get a Zorou in Castelia City. This is presently the only way to get a Zorou in the generation 5 games, so you’ll need this special to “catch them all”. You can grab Celebi between February 27th through March 7th at your local Gamestop store.

As for whats on stock for the rest of this month at Gamestop:

  • Raikou: January 3rd – 9th
  • Entei: January 17th – 23rd
  • Suicine: January 31st – February 6th

Source: Bulbapedia, Joystiq

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