This is an interesting story and one I am personally involved in. On Thursday I went to GameStop to order the Majora’s Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL. The system was in the online cart at the store, but it timed out when we tried to pay for it. When we went back into the system, it was sold out. At the time, the employee and myself thought that meant I had just missed out on getting it. I got an email later that day confirming my order for it, but I didn’t think much of it. It’s an automated email you get anytime you try to order something. Today, I got another interesting email, then a phone call, confirming something that is notable for everyone.

My console was reserved, but because their payment system was down, I have until the end of business day on Monday to pay for it. If I don’t pay for it, it will go back into the system as an available pre-order. Why does this matter to you? The same thing happened to another Zelda Informer staff member, and this likely happened for several dozen if not hundreds of orders across the United States. I talked to GameStop on the phone and confirmed I will get the system if I pay, and if I don’t, someone else can order it. That means that if any of these orders go unclaimed, all of you will have a chance to order them as of Tuesday. I am unsure if they will be available online or in-store, but it means you still have a small chance.

For those in a similar situation as we are, be sure to take advantage of the extra days you have to pay, because I would hate to see you miss out on something you tried to nab on Thursday, but couldn’t pay for through no fault of your own.

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