I have seen a bit of footage coming out of Gamescom and it’s pretty clear it is the same demo as what was at E3, which is to be expected. Still, it’s been awhile since we really watched any game play around these parts. The video above is footage of the fight with the skeleton creature in the game, presumably the Skyward Sword version of a Stalfos.

Two months ago I ran through the demo a few times, but here on the spot in Germany it was all fresh and new – I couldn’t remember where all the fun stuff was without someone from Nintendo coaching me forward. It’s only a five minute demo, so the pressure of finding the bosses is a little intense because every second is valuable…at any moment (exactly five minutes, in fact) the screen could go black and tell you to put the controller down.

While IGN writer Craig Harris had nothing really to add that he didn’t say back in June, it was still neat knowing that even though it’s been only two months since he played through the demo a few times, it still felt fresh and new. The 5 minute limit is understandable, just to keep the line moving. Skyward Sword is aimed to release sometime in early 2011. Be sure to check us out on release for a full spoiler-free Skyward Sword Walkthrough.

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