It’s that time of the year… oh wait. Has it really been five years? GameFAQs

is hosting a “Best Game Ever” tournament, something they did give years

ago. In that tournament of champions, Ocarina of Time, normally a front

runner in all best of all time debates, didn’t even make it to the

finals. It was knocked out by Diablo II, who admittedly cheated the

voting system. Well, this time around there are 7 Zelda titles with a

chance. Will Zelda be able to take the crown?

bge09.jpgThe Zelda titles involved are as follows:

– The Legend of Zelda
– A Link to the Past
– Link’s Awakening
– Ocarina of Time
– Majora’s Mask
– The Wind Waker
– Twilight Princess


starts in poll format every day after April 2nd. Until that day you are

able to sign up and register your own predictions bracket for who is

going to win. Not only can you sign up, you can either do it for fun or

do an official bracket for cash prizes. You heard me right, filling out

a bracket can win you money. The prizes go as follows:

  • First Place: $500 online gift certificate
  • Second and Third Place: $250 online gift certificate
  • Fourth and Fifth Place: $100 online gift certificate
  • Sixth-Tenth Places: $50 online gift certificate

Have you heard enough? Then go fill out your brackets at GameFAQs

right now! We will be sure to keep you up to date each day on how your

favorite Zelda titles are fairing. Oh, and good luck on your brackets.

It’s March Madness, Video Game style.

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