Sometimes the best games are the ones that you may not even be aware about. As this trailer shows from E3, it was previously titled Lost in Shadow but underwent a name change prior to it’s UK release. The reason I am putting this game on “Game Watch Alert” is because the game itself appears to possibly be one of the best Wii titles to date. Yes, it is Wii exclusive, and no, we wont be getting it stateside this year. Consider this more of a “Christmas Hangover surprise” as it arrives on January 4th, 2011. IGN has called this game “great” and compares it visually to ICO. MSN gave it 5 stars, claiming this could very well be game of the year material.

I’ve seen gameplay footage. I’ve read enough about how the game looks and feels, as well as it’s base premise. I can safely say this: It is a must buy for me. Be sure to keep this game on your watch list, otherwise you may miss out on what is possibly the most unique and well made game the Wii has to offer. It’s easy to miss with the lack of advertising and hype, so now you have no excuse. Rumor has it the game is still titled Lost in Shadow in NA. Keep an eye out come January.

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