the legend of zelda nesA few days ago, we posted Game Informer’s top 100 list of the best video games of all time, in anticipation of their top 200 list, which accompanied their momentous, now-on-sale 200th issue. The list covers the entire history of gaming, with titles ranging all the way from 1981’s Ms. Pac Man (#10) to the recently-released Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare (#181). And eight years of new games and hasn’t changed their minds at all—just as with their last list, the number one choice remains the original Legend of Zelda. A Link to the Past took the 12th spot, Ocarina of Time the 20th (so controversial), Link’s Awakening the 61st, Majora’s Mask the 63rd, Twilight Princess the 90th, and Wind Waker the 94th, with absolutely no love at all for Adventure of Link

Props to the NeoGAF for the information. Catch the full list over at their forums. Feel free to talk about how much lists suck down in the c-section.

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