For starters, I find this debate severely refreshing, despite the fact as a fan of the series I have long debated with a lot of people on what exactly the best game is. This was actually an extremely inspiring debate for us at Zelda Informer as it gave us a great topic to bring back our very own podcast, which you can expect in the near future. That being said, I have some bare bones ideas around the games I consistently struggle with in this debate. Those thoughts inside.

I have proclaimed different games in my gaming career as the best in this particular series, but it always ends up between Adventure of Link, Twilight Princess, and Majora’s Mask. These games make up my “triforce” of hardship when deciding what game is best. Each one has it’s good points and bad points, and sometimes whatever mood I am in changes how I think that day.

As an example, thanks in large inspiration to our recently complete The Wind Waker Walkthrough, I replayed The Wind Waker and found the game to be so brilliant this time around that I almost want to say it’s the best there is. Almost. My only hold up is when I start to think about my first experience with Twilight Princess, or the personal emotional turmoil I experienced in Majora’s Mask, and then finally the amazing balance of RPG elements in Adventure of Link. It’s so hard to say any game is your personal best when you love so many of the same series.

That’s when it really comes full circle: The best game clearly is The Minish Cap. I’m kidding! What game is the best is a really fun debate, and you can look forward to a full blown ZI exclusive staff debate on the subject soon. Until then, enjoy Game Informer’s debate, and naturally start discussing amongst yourselves on what the best truly is.

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