game grumps 2

Nearly a year ago Game Grumps’ hosts Arin and Daniel decided to do a playthrough of the recently released The Wind Waker HD, a game that Arin was very familiar with and Daniel was a newbie to. Though Arin was a Wind Waker veteran, that did not stop the duo from frequently running into snags on their adventure. If you were to watch the playthrough in it’s entirety, you would probably find yourself yelling at the screen trying to impede some wisdom into their misguided antics. The quest to find the Ghost Ship was one of these antics, and they have produced a hilarious animation depicting their struggle with boarding the Ghost Ship. Hit the jump to watch. Warning: This video contains mature language. Viewer discretion advised.

My only advice for the Grumps? Read the entire guide before jumping into the Great Sea.

Source: YouTube

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