G4 Videogame Deathmatch

Over at G4tv.com there is a “Videogame Deathmatch” pitting the most well known videogame franchises against each other. In the first round, The Legend of Zelda is being put up against Halo. It’s currently winning, but only by about 4-5%. That could easily change either way in the next few days. So, to give our favorite franchise a push to win, why don’t you register at G4 and vote? Better yet, there are even more franchises that you can defend and help win by signing up. So, follow this link to get to the competition page. Also, click the read more link to see what other Nintendo franchises are up against.

If you’re wondering what other Nintendo franchises are up against, take a look at this list:
Halo vs. Legend of Zelda
Madden NFL vs. Mario
Metroid vs. Mortal Kombat
Pokemon vs. Resident Evil

I personally hope that The Legend of Zelda will at least make it to the top 4, if not the final 2, or even the winning spot. I’m also interested to see what others think of other Nintendo franchises when compared to other well-known videogame series.

Who do you want to ultimately win? What do you think of the pair-ups? Let us know in the comments!

Source: G4TV

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