As far as I can tell, this video is at least a couple of years old, perhaps even 10, so it’s not entirely new news. Unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to locate an original source and author, but it still seems worth sharing. It is a fan-made trailer for Majora’s Mask, that I deem extremely fabulous. Sure, the text may be in Spanish, but there’s hardly any of that to worry about. You’ll probably first think “Link, what the hell have they done to your face?”, which is understandable. Graphic direction and language choice aside though, I am extremely pleased with the essence of this video. The look and music really encapsulate the somewhat freaky nature of Majora’s Mask.

It really is an epic, and somewhat cinematic sequence, including many of our favorites from Majora’s Mask. From Odolwa’s fight, to Goron racing, to Great Bay Temple. Just check it out. Parts of the music make me think of Edward Scissorhands, or something that I can’t put my finger on, so not sure if I’m just insane there or if anyone gets a similar feeling. Thanks goes to Jackson for the tip on Facebook.

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