Welcome to the present, and possibly the future of robust forum software. Xenforo is a new forum package that only recently reached the stage of being stable enough for release, and it directly competes with VB. Some of you regulars may have noticed that our forums have been down for 4 days, but for the more “passer bys” that just check in for news daily, it can be relief to know that we now feature the latest in communication software.

We didn’t make this transition light heartedly. Thanks to the support of the forum members, who donated for us to be able to purchase the software, and to the efforts of my day job at Mcdonalds (yes, everyone laugh) that allowed me to get the proper professional help needed to convert the forums, we have successfully transitioned into the next forum era. It was a tough decision, but for many regulars they understand the need.

The problems we had with IPB we’re, indeed, IPB specific, though they weren’t actually the fault of the program. Our forums have a long a storied history dating back to 2005 with VGRC, and through many moderations, several server moves, and bunch of free candy give aways, the database was at the point of being beyond repair.

We moved everything the past four days into Xenforo, and life couldn’t be better. While we are still working on a new skin, lets look at what we gain with Xenforo. Enjoy the like system in the comments? Well we now have it for every forum post! Want to know when someone has replied to something you said without constantly refreshing the same topic? Welcome to the Alert system! It lets you know whenever someone has done something regarding you, including if they liked one of your posts, quoted you, or did a direct reply to one of your posts. It’s a great system that allows you to keep the conversations flowing.

Another new and great feature is the ability to follow people. Sick of reading posts by all the newbs? Have some members you throughly enjoy reading their material? (come on, who doesn’t want to read every single nick post) Simply follow them and their posts get added to your own personal “news feed”. If you’ve ever used RSS systems before it works like that, but just for your own private forum use!

A lot of other functions are more streamlined, including posting your favorite media. In addition, all previous bug reports have been rectified. Naturally a bit of profile data was lost and everyone needs to reset their passwords, but setting that aside the forums are back and better than ever. We’ll be doing some constant editing work and adding new features over the next week, and you can expect a new skin to hit within the next month or so. If you’ve never been to our forums before, there is no better time than now to see what the next evolution of forums is all about.

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