lanaspearsecretThe past day has been a slew of information piling on. It didn’t take long for streamers to capture footage of the recent Japanese release of Hyrule Warriors, yet fans have been quick in finding new things to be on watch for. Spoilers have been rampant as well, and it’s made looking at news almost dangerous. On the bright side, here’s a look at a very anticipated mode containing no spoilers whatsoever.

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It would seem that my former analysis thus far has been correct. You will progress based on the rank you get in this mode. However, there seems to be different medal colors for each letter, such as when Link earned a silver “A” after completing his mission. This may tie into the special victory conditions.

Also, something to note is that all the characters you’ve unlocked in story mode shall be playable in this mode as well. This makes me wonder if levels will be shared between modes. Say as if you wanted to level up Link but didn’t want to advance the story until he was at a higher level, you could go to Adventure mode and level him up there with special conditions.

More to come on the development of Hyrule Warriors. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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