First 4 Figures, a company that makes high-quality gaming figurines, have recently anounced on their Facebook page that they’ll release a new series of figures based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker starting on January 20th.

The only figure they’ve shown off so far is Ganondorf, who you can see in the photo to the left. Outside of him, we’ll see all the others within a few days.

The full statement can be read below:

New Zelda Windwaker Series in-coming, starting with Ganondorf! Pre-orders go live Tuesday 20th Jan 2015 only at! This is a new range so all new low numbers are available. See you then!

If you want to see some more figures by this company, you can check out some they’ve made on Princess Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf (all featuring their designs in Twilight Princess), and my personal favorite, one based on Midna and Wolf Link.

What do you guys think? Will you be buying some of these once they release, and we get to see some more designs? Personally, I’ve never been much for figurines, but First 4 Figures seems to have some great designs, and combined with my incredible love for Wind Waker‘s visuals, I’ll probably end up buying Toon Link once they show him off.

Source: My Nintendo News

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