Firebrand, while a relatively small company, has made a slew of DS racing games over the last handful of years. In a recent interview talking about the 3DS and any future plans (of which they weren’t allowed to comment, which assuredly means “yes we are making something”) along with a heavy focus on Track Mania coming out on the Wii, a brief question was posed about making a new style racing game similar to F-Zero. The response was of course positive in exploring that field, but they went even further stating:

We’d love to make an F-Zero game if Nintendo are listening, though! F-Zero X is one of my all-time favourite games!

This is hardly a confirmation, or even a statement that F-Zero is coming back, but it’s good to note that a current company that makes games exclusively for Nintendo systems (racing games, at that) is interested in creating a new F-Zero. The series has been on hiatus for a long time, and what better time to bring it back than for the 3DS or Wii 2?

There is a chance F-Zero may have been on hold for so long due to the original development team no longer being together, but that is all the more reason for Nintendo to explore other options that are racing game focused, and Firebrand is as good of an option as any other company, especially since they are dedicated to Nintendo. Naturally with Nintendo backing them in funding, I would be very happy to see Firebrand take on the franchise. While it may be a pipe dream for a small company, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. If you’re interested in reading a ton about Track Mania, be sure to check out the full interview.

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