You know, as we are gallivanting around Hyrule, breaking pots and cutting grass on our way to save the kingdom, does it ever occur to us that Link is… kind of… well… a pest? A thief? A bit of a problem child? I mean, our actions as the hero are typically for the greater good, sure, but what sort of effect does it have for the citizens?

Who gets stuck cleaning up the mess?

The comedy site Dorkly has taken time to explore the worst jobs in Hyrule in this short video entitled “The Worst Jobs in the Zelda Universe.” With mimicked 2D game footage of what happens behind the scenes, Dorkly pays respect — with tongue in cheek — to those poor, poor souls suffering from the fallout of Link’s antics. What about the farmers, security specialists, customer service agents? Who thinks about them, huh?

Oh, shoot. I missed a pot…

So, what did you think? What would be the worst job in Hyrule? Be sure to check out Dorkly’s video, and let us know in the comments below!

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