Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

OoT 3DSWe’ve had some more discussion on our forums, this one directed more at the old Ocarina of Time lovers. Most Zelda fans know that Ocarina of Time is generally preferred throughout the Zelda-loving community and is even said to be the most critically acclaimed game of all time, and some people are worried. Will OoT 3DS still be our OoT? We can expect some changes, but with what we just don’t know. Voice your own opinion by registering on our forums and replying to the thread Will It Still Be the OoT We Know and Love? Here are some of the opinions of our users who have participated in the discussion:

“Ocarina of time is widely considered to be not only the best game in the Zelda series but the best game of all time. But with the upcoming 3DS remake I worry it won’t be as good! Nintendo are making so called “improvements” for instance “improving” the water temple (which wasn’t as bad as all that.) I Fear after the “improvements” the game will stop it being Ocarina of time, it could change beyond recognition.”
     – DungeonDarknut

“There shouldn’t be much to worry about, they’re just making improvements, such as in the Water Temple, you had to constantly press start to but on the iron boots, I predict the equipping screen being on the bottom screen of the 3DS to make it less frustrating (Because Nintendo also knows how impatient newer gamers are these days.) “Stop being Ocarina of Time” is the last thing it would do, the biggest difference would be the graphics, which are just improved, and not modernized.”
     – FierceDeity

“I doubt that it will have the same feel to me. Nintendo probabely won’t make huge changes, just minor ones. I hop they make new gimmicks for it though but it will not have the same feel on me. “
     – Tony Fischer

As you can see, there are some mixed opinions among our users. There are a few that are assured that Nintendo’s judgment will prevent the game from becoming something other than the Ocarina of Time that we know and love, but there are a few who are worried that some changes will be too much for the game. In my opinion, I think that Nintendo knows that their fans want to see the Ocarina of Time that they love, and they aren’t going to disappoint their fans. We can expect minor changes, but nothing that will impact the game and make it something other than our Ocarina of Time.

Tell us your own opinions by registering on our forums and participating in the discussion that we have buzzing around our growing forums! There are always great topics to offer in the forums and are surely a haven for any Zelda fan, so come on in and participate in discussion like this and more!

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