TPLogoDiscussion about all of the Zelda games, new and old, are always circulating around the forums and many users are creating unique topics and offering their opinions in discussion all over the place. This time we’ve had some great discussion about Twilight Princess, one of the newer games in the Zelda series. Our featured thread for this week is Does Twilight Princess Deserve to be Called a Disappointment? We’ve had a lot of opinions on the game so far, so why don’t you register on the forums and add your two cents? Click “Read More” to see quotes from our other users to help gather your own ideas.

“Not a dissapointment, no. But I suppose it could have been over anticipated. I love Twilight Princess, but just no where near as much as the other Zelda games. I feel it is very dark, yes I know MM is as well but I actually haven’t played it yet. Whilst I should not be one to judge (as I am not even very far on in the game) I still think it could have been a bit lighter. Which, I know would probably ruin the story line and all but I just prefer lighter games. Also, I’ve only done the light bug thing twice and it’s already tiresome. I do think the story, characters, appearance and graphics were all very well done and high points of the game. But my own idea of what I like in a Zelda game made it less of a game I love. That’s just my personal opinion and it doesn’t stop Twilight Princess from being a brilliant game, it just pushes it further down my favourites list.”
     – Meego7

“I wasn’t disappointed at all. I love the game so much I keep on playing it over and over again. It is dark for sure yes and I also feel they could have maken the game less easy because it is very easy to beat. But in general I love it. I do agree with Kybyrian. There were some flaws in it but in general it was a very good game.”
     – Bigelover88

“I found the entire plot to be pretty cliche or over used, and nothing about the game felt particularly different from previous titles. There never felt to be a sense of urgency to save the world, which was disappointing, given how hard they tried to make it seem in game. It had a bland cast of characters, and everything felt hushed and muted, even when a lot of action was going on, making some scenes have an awkward forced feeling to the situation. The music wasn’t particularly good either, sounding very dated in some areas, and same for textures and the design of some enemies. Wolf Link puzzles could have been improved, and there could have been more done with it with the scent tracking and howling.

I could go on all day, over all, not a great game but its not horrible.”
     – Ganondorf

There seem to be a lot of mixed opinions about the game, so there is no real consensus in the discussion. In my own opinion, I believe that Twilight Princess did have some big flaws that made certain parts of the game less enjoyable, but it was certainly not an overall disappointment. There were many great aspects of the game that were very appealing, and we shouldn’t let what’s bad outweigh those strong points. In all, Twilight Princess wasn’t really a disappointment, but a very enjoyable game if you focus on what’s good.

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