Majora's MaskWe all know that there has been a never-ending battle between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask ever since both of the games were released, but have you ever felt like one was gaining an unfair advantage? Many users seem to think that Majora’s Mask is actually a very underrated game when compared to the rest of the series, especially in the shadow of Ocarina of Time. Do you think that Majora’s Mask is underrated? If so, why? What qualities does it have that people so rarely see? Check out and post your opinions in our featured thread for this week, Why is Majora’s Mask so Underrated? To help get your thought process started, click Read More to see some good quotes from our other users:

“The game was fantastic, but it was sooo tedious. Like, it wasn’t to the point where it was hard per se, but annoying at some parts; the best thing about it is when you finally complete those tedious parts you feel so good and accomplished. I loved the dark atmosphere, as it provided something different than OoT. For me, I found the game pretty long because of how many times I had to go back to day 1. The side quests were really fun, and I love the game because of them.”
     – Hero_in_Green

“I believe that the reason people don’t like MM is because the time mechanic takes some time to get used to. Also, the game does not give a lot of direction, so it becomes hard to know exactly which way to go and when. Like in order to gain access to the Snowhead Temple.”
     – Rishian

“It was living in the shadow of its predecessor, Ocarina of Time, and follow that up with its non-traditional aspects (especially after Ocarina of Time), you get a game that is not appreciated (and even rejected) by most fans. Game reviewers always saw it as it truly is, as they weren’t viewing it through biased eyes. Personally, I always loved it, but I didn’t realize how good it was when I first played it, as I had played Ocarina of Time (which started my love of The Legend of Zelda) about 4 years before, and it somewhat overshadowed my judgement of it, as well. I realize now that it’s basically a perfect game, especially for its time. It didn’t get the right kind of attention it deserved upon release, but at least it gets recognition now.”
     – JuicieJ

When I thought of Majora’s Mask, I suppose I did think of it as a somewhat underrated game. I was a diehard fan of Ocarina of Time for many years and didn’t even play Majora’s Mask until a few years after, and I just didn’t enjoy it as much as Ocarina of Time. Regardless, I don’t think the game is underrated. The game gets a fair amount of praise from everybody that I talk to, especially people who frequent our forums. I never thought of Majora’s Mask as underrated as it’s a very good game, but there are some people out there that look down upon it after being released after Ocarina of Time, the widely proclaimed best game of all time.

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