Zelda Wii ArtworkDo you think that the magic meter should return in Zelda Wii? Forum user Raven recently created a thread within our Zelda Wii Forum discussing the topic. Listed below are some of the comments made by various users. You can also check out the full Magic Meter Thread.

Posted by CZG: “I have a bad feeling that it won’t be in the upcoming Zelda Title. I´d love to see the magic meter return someday. And my guess is, that it will find it´s way back to the series someday, most likely on the DS first…”

Posted by Jesper: “Magic Meter must return! I miss fire and ice arrows and stuff like that. Even though, I still got a feeling that the magic meter is on its way out. I dont think we will be seeing it in the next game :(“

Posted by Xinnamin: “I’d love to see the magic meter return. Why was it even removed from TP anyways? There was even an image on the back of the game case that showed the magic meter!”

Magic has been slowly dwindling in the Zelda series in the recent console titles, with it not even being present in Twilight Princess. There has been a gradual movement to try to make things less magical and more realistic and it is something that really bothers me. I really hope that the magic meter returns in Zelda Wii and that there are more items that utilize magic ability. The more realistic items such as the spinner, ball and chain, and clawshot are nice and all, but I’d love to see the return of elemental arrows or the various Cane’s and Rod’s from a Link to the Past. Perhaps even some brand new items?

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