This week our featured fanart is “Wind Waker: Fan Story Board” by talented artist Peachifruit. The preview below shows only the first six panels of a highly impressive storyboard, so be sure to click for full view.

WW storyboard

This large and comprehensive storyboard, an impressive 60 frames in total, portrays just about every major event of the Wind Waker plot-line in fantastic detail and gorgeous colors. For anyone who has played the game, just looking through all the frames is bound to induce a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Each frame is a piece of art in itself, and you can tell exactly what is going on in every scene. Personally, I really like the frame with the hyoi pear myself. What do you guys think of this storyboard? Do you have a favorite among all of its adorable little frames? Let us know in the comments, and thank you to those in the comments who identified the artist for me.

Also, for all you artists and art enthusiasts out there, be sure to check out the ZD deviantART group, ZD’s open fanart gallery.

Source: WiiNintendo

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