German video game publisher Headup Games has recently announced the upcoming release of Windscapea first-person, adventure-style game that will be available on the Nintendo Switch on March 27th. Windscape developer Dennis Witte wanted to incorporate elements from The Legend of Zelda into his creation, as he is in fact a huge fan of the series!  The result of this passion for Zelda and other fantasy titles led to an open world game filled with monsters to fight, puzzles to solve, and NPC’s to interact with.

Windscape is set on a series of islands floating in the sky; the world is at peace, that is until something causes the islands to break apart and fall away. It’s up to the player to discover what evil is behind such a disaster, so you’ll find yourself gathering resources, traveling the world, and collecting loot as you go! You’ll also have to fight your way through dungeons and battle ghosts, ogres, and dragons until the Windscape universe is safe at last!

The following features are described on Headup Games’ website:

– Journey freely through a vast world
– Take on jobs and quest to earn money and items
– Craft weapons, potions, items and more
– Explore dungeons and defeat powerful and unique bosses

The game will be available for preorder on March 8th, with the game scheduled to launch on March 27th. Although full pricing is still to be confirmed, a 20% discount is available for those who preorder.

What do you think of Windscape? Will you be picking it up and trying it for yourself? Let us know in  the comments below!

Source: Headup Games (via Nintendo Life)

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