Fan-Made Zora Engagement Ring

We all know the story of the Zora Sapphire, appropriately called the Zora’s Engagement Ring. Not only is it the last Spiritual Stone needed to open the Temple of Time, but it’s also an agreement (or curse, however you wish to view it) between Link and our beloved Princess Ruto. Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel the way Ruto felt as she spoke those vows to our poor hero? Well, one man made it possible. Megathor4242 from reddit had a unique replica of the Zora’s Sapphire made into an engagement ring.

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Even though the gems used were not sapphire, Megathor used three types of Opal instead. Regardless, it is still a beautiful act that would send some women into a nerd-induced love fit.  Even Princess Ruto can vouch for this, “My mother gave it to me and said I should give it only to the man who will be my husband. You might call it the Zora’s Engagement Ring! All right! I’ll give you my most precious possession: Zora’s Sapphire!” – Ruto- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Zelda jewelry has become very popular these past few years from Majora Mask necklaces to ocarina earrings. So if you’re stumped on that one of a kind gift to get your best friend or even for that special someone, why not look for inspiration in something that we all love and enjoy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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