Fan-Made Wind Waker remix album

On the Breath of Wind In celebration of the anticipated Wind Waker HD release later this year, album director Tom Swift has put together an entirely new take of a Wind Waker  remix tribute titled, “On the Breath of Fire”. Featuring  a variety of musical artists as well as some remarkably remixed songs and some nifty looking album art, the album certainly sounds promising in its fresh sense of being remixed while maintaining the classic tunes from the game itself.

Having heard a variety Zelda orchestrations from original composers Koji Kondo, Kenta Nagata and others, to the many Zelda projects and tributes, this remixed Wind Waker album will be among the first of very few. Hit the jump to take a look!


The trailer is comprised of a few song previous as well some Wind Waker influenced narration and vocal singing, though it is unclear if it will be in the album as it is also not yet stated whether or not the album is solely instrumental.

Here is a quote with some mentioned detail from the album director himself.

Alongside the music the album will also feature dramatic narrations retelling the story of the Wind Waker. The album is currently set to include the artists Argle, Amphibious, Chernabogue, Mark of Two, Pixelpanic, Pokémoneinstein, Skyrider X, Thomas Swift and Tuberz McGee, and will star Michael Ellender and Glen Delaney as the King of Red Lions and Ganondorf. Work is nearly finished on the album and we hope to release it within the next year. In the mean time enjoy this trailer released exclusively through Zelda Informer and follow @Breathofthewind for news and updates.
— Tom Swift, Album Director

Personally, I’m a big fan of well made fan made remixes from all genres, and I can’t help but be overjoyed by the remixed “Hyrule Castle Theme” from the trailer. It sounds quite phenomenal. Looking forward to an all new Zelda remix? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Source: Gonintendo (via Zeldainformer)

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