Zora’s Domain had always enthralled Link. It was a gorgeous city, adorned with marble and flowing water. The sounds of the waterfalls and the overall ambiance of the beautiful town game made it seem like gentle music was playing throughout the city. It was no new sight for him, but it never grew stale.

Link had come to the Domain many times with Mipha. The people knew him well, and they always treated him like he belonged. Granted, it might be thanks to the fact that the King’s daughter was the one that accompanied him, but he took it in stride all the same.

“Link!” That all familiar voice called out as a young Zora rushed towards him. As he turned, Link was knocked off his feet by a tackling hug. The perpetrator was none other than Mipha’s brother, Prince Sidon. The kid was always running around, causing trouble, but his hyperactivity and upbeat spirit is what made the Zora such a big fan of his. “You’re back! Are you here to spar with me? I have to warn you, I have grown ten times stronger than when we last fought!”

Link laughed as he gently lifted Sidon off of him, “you said that last time!”

Sidon shrugged, his infectious smile still across his face, “okay, then twenty times stronger!”

“Link, we did not come here to play. We’re here on official business.” Zelda butted in, her dry demeanor catching both men off guard.

Sidon leaned over to Link as the young knight stood up, whispering into his ear, “who’s this stick in the mud?”

“That’s Princess Zelda.” Link replied, casting a knowing look at the young prince. “Sidon, would you mind taking us to your father? We have some things to talk to him about.”

Sidon flashed his signature smile, his teeth seeming to shine as he gave a thumbs up, “absolutely! Follow me!”

A quick rush up the stairs was all that it took for them to reach King Zora. The giant Zora looked down on the pair and smiled gently, “Ah, Princess Zelda, Link, welcome to my domain. I assume you are not here sightseeing, so what brings you to our lovely abode?”

Zelda stepped forward with a second of hesitation, “very astute, King Zora. I’m sure word of the king’s decree has reached you. We are starting the Champions Initiative, looking for the top warrior of each race to help us uncover the divine beasts’ strengths and defeat Ganon.”

Link had noted her hesitation, as well as the way her voice initially wavered. For all her posturing, it seemed that she was scared to stand before such a king.

The king of the Zoras nodded in affirmation, “I have certainly heard of this. We would be more than happy to help you. I shall assemble our greatest warriors. Why don’t you and I discuss this arrangement, while Link,” he said, turning to the young bodyguard, “my daughter is down in the lower level and she is anxious to see you.”

Link nodded, ready to leave the stubborn princess’s side, if only for a moment. She was in good hands, anyways. With a quick wave of his hand, he fled down the stairs, hoping to see his friend, who was in fact waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs.

His heart always picked up whenever he saw the beautiful princess of the Zora. They had been friends since as long as he could remember, and despite her short stature, she was a fierce warrior and healer. Link lifted her up in the air and spun her around into a hug as she giggled joyously. “Hello, Link. I see your mood has lifted since we last met.”

Setting her down, he smiled warmly at her. It was true, the death of his father still stung, but his mission, along with being near Mipha’s side, had satiated his sorrow for the time being. “A lot has happened since then. I am Princess Zelda’s royal guard. I have to go with her wherever she goes.” Link said half-heartedly, not nearly as excited about it as he used to be.

“O-Oh? You’re… with the princess a lot, then?” Mipha asked, turning a bit red as she was embarrassed by her own line of questioning.

“Yea. So far, we haven’t left each other’s side,” Link lowered his voice as he moved a bit closer to the young Zora, “truth be told, though, she’s a bit annoying and kind of stuck up.”

Mipha let out a sigh of relief, “that’s good.”


“Oh, nevermind. Come on, let’s go to Mikau Lake!”

This place always seemed to be Mipha and Link’s private hangout. No one ever showed up to bother them and they could spend time alone together, relaxing and growing closer. Mipha laid down on a rock overlooking the lake. Link shortly joined her, reclining as well. The two friends looked up at the sky, the clouds spotting the blue canvas before them.

“Do you ever wish you could fly, Link?” Mipha asked, not turning away from the sky, “I do. Some people think that the Rito and Zora are closely related. For the Rito, there are no limits. They can go wherever they want…” Mipha reached her hand into the sky, her shaking eyes betraying her calm demeanor. “I want to be a beautiful bird, with feathers adorning my body instead of… I want to travel the world. I want to see it all, not just the Domain and Castle Town.”

Link listened to Mipha’s lament, his heart breaking. Did she not think of herself as beautiful? The young hylian turned towards the Zora princess, now on his side. “Mipha.”

She turned, a bit shocked to hear her name. “Yes?”

He searched for the words to say, wanting to be eloquent and smooth, but his inexperience trumped his rationale. “You’re very beautiful. Way more so than those stupid Rito.” Tripping over words was his forte, it seemed. Maybe it would be better if he was more of a silent protagonist.

Mipha blushed, the comment from her friend warming her heart. “Link… I-” She stopped herself. Was now the right time to tell him? Was there ever a right time? “I think… I think I’m in love with you.”
It took the young hero a moment to process what she had just confessed to him. “Wait? Love?” He thought to himself. Link bit his lip, trying to find the words to say.

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