Zelda made no response on Mipha’s comment about the heat. Instead she replied, “Let us head to Rito Village. While Death Mountain is closer, I do not feel like trekking up a mountain right now.” Link nodded and agreed, albeit begrudgingly , and the trio set off toward the village.

Rito Village was just as fascinating to Link as Zora’s Domain. It was in no way larger than the Domain, but the village stretching high into the sky was a sight to behold. It was almost like a large pillar with the Rito living comfortably in their village wrapped around it. The group approached the Rito standing watch over the entrance to the village, a long but sturdy-looking bridge between them and their destination.. Mipha kept her place on Links side, though falling back slightly out of respect.

The guard bowed before Zelda. “Good evening, Princess Zelda. To what does our humble village owe the pleasure?”

“I would like to meet with the Elder, Kaneli, if you please.” The guard nodded and gestured the group to follow them. They climbed up the steps toward the top, being greeted and welcomed by every Rito they passed on the narrow stairs and ledges. Link smiled warmly, even though he was not as close to the Rito, he was friendly with most of them. The keyword? Most.

As they rounded the corner to the top, the group ran right into the Rito whom no one really ever got along with. Perched lightly on the tall ledge overlooking the lake, Revali stood polishing and nurturing his beloved bow.

“Ah, Princess!” Revali approached Zelda, taking her hand and kneeling before her. “Pleasure meeting you up here.”

Zelda smiled politely, doing her best to hide her annoyance at Revali’s always-pompous behavior. He also greeted Mipha in the same, overly friendly way. Casting his glance toward the light haired guardian, a questioning look crossed his face “Ah, and this is…Leo?”

“Link.” Link replied, unimpressed by Revali’s demeanor. Link had met Revali enough times for him to have remembered his name by now. They had also met enough times for Link to know that Revali did not like him at all.

“Ah, yes. I do believe we have met before, although I cannot recall where or why. Regardless,” Revali turned back to the Princess, “Are you seeking an audience with our elder, Kenali?”

“Yes,” Zelda replied curtly, “And we really must be on our way.” Zelda pulled away from the proud Rito, followed by Link, with Mipha tagging along beside. They climbed the final steps to the top and found the great Elder sitting in his open-air throne room, which was the highest building on the tall pillar.

The guard left the trio with the Elder, who was a ‘wise old owl’ in every sense of the word. Thankfully, he was not as intimidating as the Zora King. “Welcome to my village,” he greeted. “Princess Zelda, we are always pleased to have you here. I have heard the King announcing his plan for the so called ‘Champion’s Initiative.’ I hope I can be of service in choosing the perfect Rito Champion for you.”

“Thank you, Elder Kenali. That is exactly what I am here to discuss with you.” Zelda turned to the mismatched couple. “You too can do whatever you wish while I make arrangements.Just please do not stray far and do not come back with any more…surprises.”

Link was more than happy to get away from the bitter Princess. Mipha at his side, they made their way down the stairs. “It isn’t bad up here in the clouds, although it still could be much cooler.” Mipha said, more relaxed now that the two were alone and out of earshot of the Princess. They stopped at perch that overlooked the ground below them, Revali now absent for the time, and the two took in the beautiful sight of the world below them. Mipha was enamoured, and Link enjoyed listening to her talk about anything that crossed her mind as they enjoyed the view.

“Oh, can we head down to the Slippery Falcon?” Mipha interjected. “They have ingredients you can’t find back at the domain-”

Mipha’s sentence was cut short as a loud gust of wind engulfed the couple. They ducked, unsure of what was happening. Suddenly Revali landed on the ledge behind them with a flourish.

“Oh! Pardon me!” Revali exclaimed. I did not see you two there.”

Link nodded suspiciously, knowing Revali was lying. “Apology accepted,” he replied.

Revali approached the swordsman, obviously sizing him up. “So, Link, was it? Travelling with the Princess? That’s quite an honor. I can’t imagine how you could have been chosen for that.”

Mipha opened her mouth to defend, but Link quieted her.

“I was chosen by the King of Hyrule. That is all.” He replied.

“Hmph. I guess if the King willed it,then it must be so. It is a shame though, if he had just looked harder perhaps he would have found someone more qualified.”

Link took a step forward. “Are you saying that I am not qualified? Have you not heard what they call me? ‘Slayer of the Lynels.’” The young hero puffed up his chest, but had to be careful to avoid letting his temper take over, especially in front of Mipha.

“Regardless of whatever mere rumors the people tell of you, I simply know I am better, and would be far better suited to the position as a guardian to the Princess…” Revali smirked. “If you would like proof, how about a challenge of sorts? I am rather bored on this quiet day.”

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