Link stepped forward. “Actually, Elder Kaneli, we can help ward off the moblins while we’re here.”

“That would be much appreciated.” Kenali replied. “Although I am confident in my army of fighters, it is best to ban and fight together in these battles.”

All of the “chosen” Rito looked utterly relieved at Link’s offer. Zelda didn’t say anything. Arms crossed over her chest and looking down in thought.

“That is okay, correct? We can continue once we are done.” Link questioned the Princess.

“Yes,” she replied. “Of course we can,” Zelda continued, not revealing any emotion. “Another Moblin attack, and so soon after the last one.” She turned to thank Kenali, before making her way quickly back down the side of the village.

Link and Mipha followed behind. “The Princess is right. This attack isn’t so long after the first. They must be getting stronger,” said Link, keeping ahead of Mipha.

“I’ll stay back and can heal if you are injured,” the Zora princess assured. “Don’t do anything reckless. And maybe you should pick up a shirt from the shop on the way down.” Mipha’s face flushed slightly, more out of amusement than embarrassment. Link looked at the torn garment in his hand and nodded agreement.

The trio reached the bridge at the bottom of the village, Link once again fully clothed. The small Rito army was poised at the front, ready to take flight with their bows. Link took a few steps forward, unsheathing his sword, and that’s when Revali’s gust of wind caught him off guard. Landing in front of him, Revali smoothed his feathers.

“I, of course, don’t believe your “skills” are required. I already flew ahead to gauge the size of the approaching Moblins; it will be an easy fight.”

“Even still, I’m here to help.” Link replied bitterly.

“As you wish,” Revali said coyly before jumping back into the air.  The other Rito followed and Link rushed forward, finally catching a glimpse of the army approaching.

Revali was right about the size, the group consisted of only a handful of Bokoblins, Lizalfos, and one sluggish Moblin trudging behind. The group waited until they were a little closer before opening fire. Link ran in, knocking a bokoblin back with his sword. Carefully placed arrows flew over his head to hit the oncoming enemies, instantly taking them out of commission. Link made quick work of two more before taking few steps back toward the bridge to catch his breath.

This time, he ran for a Lizalfos. The tall lizard jumped at him before slithering back out of sword’s reach. Link ran after it, hoping to catch it off guard. He repeated the process until the creature was finished. While they were not particularly difficult enemies, they were rather tedious to fight.

“Yes!” he cheered, momentarily letting his guard down. The minute he turned around, a nasty bokoblin jumped at him. “Gah!” He struggled briefly trying to get the little creature off of him. All of a sudden it vanished, an arrow falling into his hands. He looked up and saw the smug face of Revali glaring a few feet in front of him.

“That’s two now, little elf.” Revali taunted.

Link rolled his eyes as he picked himself up, grabbing his sword and racing to slash another bokoblin. The monster let out a cry as it died and Link began to look around. He had lost track of the moblin, as had everyone else apparently. Looking around he finally saw it, sneaking up behind Revali as the Rito was placing another arrow in his bow.

“Revali watch out!” Link cried racing forward. Revali heard and jumped into the sky as the moblin took a swing with it’s club. Link picked up speed and lept into the air, landing a jump-strike with its sword.  Back in the air, Revali pulled back his arrow and landed a powerful shot between the eyes, finishing it off. With that, the small army was taken care of.

The Rito landed back to their starting point on the bridge, out of breath and exhausted. Some were shaking out their feathers and heading to Mipha for a quick healing. Link caught up with the group and followed Revali.

“Well, that was easy enough.” Revali said, doing his best to hide his exhaustion, Link could see his wing muscles shaking from the strain. Link wiped his sweaty forehead and cleaned off his sword. While it wasn’t a particularly strenuous fight, none of them had time to prepare and were quite worn out from having to rush into battle.

“Link!” Mipha yelled running forward. “You were wonderful!” Zelda nodded her approval reluctantly. Suddenly, Saki, the pink Rito from earlier approached Zelda, whispering a quick message.

“Elder Kenali would like to speak with me again. I shall return,” She announced, not waiting for a reply. Off she went, leaving the exhausted battlers.

“I guess I should thank you for your help back there.” Link began, turning toward Revali.

“Oh, don’t thank me, I knew you would need someone looking after you.” Revali retorted.

That set off Link’s temper. “Revali! Don’t forget I helped you back there too!” Link grabbed the shoulder of the pompous Rito who shooed the Hylian back.

“Fine, but you still owe me one.” Revali said, not letting up his attitude.

“Link! Revali!” The two looked up at the sound of their names. They saw Zelda on the landing, motioning them up to come up to meet her.

“The Princess calls,” Revali said, taking flight. Link rushed up the bridge and climbed the stairs as quick as possible. They met Zelda on the landing and followed her to Elder Kenali.

“Link,” Kenali began. “Thank you for assisting us with the attack.” Link nodded respectfully. “And Revali, you were a fantastic warrior as always. That is why I would like to ask you to be the Champion of the Rito, working alongside Her Majesty as the chosen Champion of our village.”

If Revali could have fluffed his proud feathers more, he would have. He kneeled before Kenali, “I would be honored, Elder. Thank you for choosing me for such a high position. I shall do my best to make the Rito proud.”

It was all Link could do to not roll his eyes. But thinking back to the previous “eligible” warriors chosen by Kenali, he had to admit that Revali was the best option.

“Thank you Elder Kenali. I’m glad we were able to choose a Champion today after all.” Zelda replied politely. “Time for us to be off,” She turned to the two fighters, “we still have two Champions to choose. I guess we should decide on a place to go next.”

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