Breath of the Wild: Before the Fall

The Hylian Army was able to ward off the attack, but it left a lot of damage. The Military Training camp was gone, nothing but ruins left. Link stayed around to help clean up long enough for Mipha to tell him to go home.

“You’ve done enough Link, you need to rest.” She said gently. He gestured to the mess of bodies and damage around him. “We will take care it.” She assured, turning him gently toward the direction of home.

“Okay…” He said reluctantly.

The week after the attack was difficult. Link’s arms ached, and his head wouldn’t stop pounding. Coming back to the house without his father was hard. He still could not believe that his father was gone. He was one of Hyrule’s best and now he was just gone.

The first few days he was at a loss of what to do. He barely slept, he couldn’t think straight, and he hardly ate anything. He was on his own now – something that he had to grow accustomed to quite quickly. He needed a plan on what to do next,but he knew that whatever he did, he was going to avenge his father.

Link took his sword from the floor where he had dropped it upon coming home. It was stained with the remnants of his fight. His father had taught him to never leave his sword stained, but the old man wasn’t here to even chastise him anymore. With a deep sigh, he dug around in a pile of his clothes until he found an old rag and began wiping it off.

A knock on his door took him out of his trance like state.  “Link?” he heard. Another few knocks. “It’s Fledge.”

Link put his sword aside and opened the door. Fledge stood in the doorway, his friendly disposition shining through despite the somber attitude of the house. Fledge smiled weakly, a slight concern showing on his face. Fledge embraced his friend, putting a brotherly arm around him. “How are you doing?”

“I’m alright.” Link replied.

“I was coming to check on you and to see if you were aware of the ceremony.”

Link cocked his head, not sure. “Ceremony?”

“The King announced a ceremony to be held for the fallen soldiers. I imagine your father will be honored. I thought you might want to attend.”

Link nodded, mulling it over. He wanted to go, but it filled him with pain and anger. His father shouldn’t be dead. If his life was lost in battle, what good was the army? If the best of them couldn’t handle the enemy, then what hope did they have? Regardless, Link agreed to go with Fledge.

The ceremony was held just outside of the castle. People filled the streets, mourning along with the Hylians. Zora, Gorons, and Gerudo were present, offering their condolences to those affected by the destruction and loss. Link looked toward the front, the army of soldiers vastly decreased in numbers stood toward the back. The King of Hyrule stood before them, looking proud, yet saddened. His daughter, the Princess Zelda had her hands clasped next to him with a mournful expression..

“This attack of the Calamity’s monsters was the most difficult we have seen,” The King began. “We lost the lives of many brave friends and family members. Let us remember them fondly, for they fought bravely and for the lives of every person here.” He looked around at the saddened crowd, “I fear as if it things will continue to worsen, the attacks continue to grow and strengthen. I feel as if we must set a bigger plan into motion for the safety of our land. Our army, though decreasing in size is gaining strength, but we will also be choosing four individuals to help us lead. My daughter, the Princess has volunteered to work with these champions.”

The light-haired Princess stepped forward as she was acknowledged.

“We will do our best to ensure the safety of all our people.” The King concluded. “These lost lives will not be forgotten, or taken for granted.”

As the king finished his speech, Link’s mind was racing once again. No, his father’s life would not be in vain. He would do what he could do to enact his revenge. He knew just how he could.

People began moving and gathering together, talking in low voices. Link broke off from Fledge’s company and began looking for the newly-appointed general of the Hylian Army. He found him just off the side grouped with the other soldiers.

“Great Commander Niko,” Link said as he approached him, taking a knee in front of the general in respect. “I’m Link, I-”

“I know you.” The commander replied sternly, but with a mournful smile. “Your father was an asset to our army.” He put a hand on the young man’s shoulder.

“That’s, that’s what I wanted to talk about.” Link swallowed and stood taller. “I want to enlist in the army, sir.”

“Indeed. I figured I would be hearing from you sooner or later. Word has spread of your take down of the mythical beast. Truth be told, I am a bit jealous that I wasn’t there to witness such a feat.”

“It was no big deal sir.”

“No big deal? Son, the legends speak of these creatures with great fear. We would tease young recruits with their tales to scare them. And you took one down?” The small general stroked his beard lightly. Though he was a short man, many respected him as he was a great tactician. “Now, I suppose you have a choice ahead of you.”

“What do you mean? My choice is to join the army,” Link looked up at the man in disbelief.

“Well, son, as it turns out, the King has asked for you to be the Princess’s personal guard.”


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