“Adventures are a very difficult mess, are they not? As a trope, they seem to become more difficult as time goes on, as if the world is testing the hero, providing them new and more powerful foes. It goes without saying that each new obstacle provides a chance for the hero to grow in some way, allowing him or her to become a better version of their current selves. Failing to do so results in a stagnation, or worse, a permanent end to their journey. So there is always more at stake than the presenting problem. Much like a doctor diagnosing a patient, one must be willing to delve deeper into the issues to discover the root cause.”

“Why is it that things like this happen? Why does evil continue to persist despite so many defeats? Why does it keep returning? These are questions that are posed without any way to answer them. Is it a divine prank of some sort? Do the gods love toying with humans? Or did they just place the pieces and let the mechanism turn? Either way, how can you justify the worship of such imperfect beings? They left us a great power with no way to prevent evil from attaining it and laying waste to the world.”

“Quite right. I see a world aflame and a people dying out. I see a light flicker and fade. I see… despair; a despair without any hope. And how can there be hope in this future of ours? There is no constraint on evil like there is on good. Good is held back by certain morals and principles, but it is also held back from power.”

“This is true, is it not? The villain always seems to start the game with the power while the central protagonist must earn his power. I wonder, why is this? This further proves my theory that this is all a game to some higher power. It is an inspiring story to see an underdog rise and defeat the more powerful enemy. But this is not a game. Not to us. So this has led me to a conclusion.”

“Likewise. What have you come up with?”

“We must allow evil to win. With the cycle over and evil prevailing, there is no need to fight. Impa, you must understand. We must eliminate the princess and her chosen champions. Our clan has long since been forsaken by the people of Hyrule and we know where this world is heading. Why not further it along?”

Impa remained silent; her dear friend and companion had let his resentment fester for quite some time, allowing thousands of years of anger build up. She understood his hatred and his passion, but she could not match it. She simply could not concede to his point.

“I hope you know what you are doing, then, by drawing this line between the Sheikah and the Hylians… no, between the Sheikah and the Sheikah,” Impa stood up, her eyes not leaving the line of sight she had made with the man across the table.

“I will not be able to see this through to the end, you know. I can only start the spark that lights the flame,” the man stood up as well, letting out a deep sigh. “My son, Kogha…” he groaned slightly, recalling his rather eccentric son, “will have to further my cause.”

“I see. If this must be done, then so be it. But me and mine will oppose you at every step of the way,” Impa’s stern countenance was betrayed by her faltering voice. Her dearest friend was now her enemy. He turned away from her and walked towards the door, “the next time I see you, we will meet as enemies.”


“That was rather odd,” Link said, holding an odd, green tunic. The man, Tingle, handed it to him, saying it was his destiny to wear it as he was “The Hero of the Wild,” whatever that meant.

“I think it would look rather cute on you, Link!” Mipha giggled, pulling it away from him and holding it up to her own body. “Though, it’s a bit small, isn’t it?”

“I agree, Master. It appears to be thirteen percent too small for a Hylian of your size to wear,” Fi said from the sword, chiming in to the conversation.

“What did he mean by Wild?” Link shrugged his shoulders, looking at the Zora girl as she feigned modelling it.

“Maybe he meant ‘wind,’ like the ancient Hero of the Winds?” Mipha suggested, putting the outfit in her bag.

“I do remember that one. He was quite the brave soul,” Fi said, appearing next to Link. She still had little regard for personal space and for tact, but this was to be expected as she was yet a phantasm of the sword.

With the rather talkative sword in hand, Link and Mipha made their way back to the open fields, pulling away from the forest that they were previously beholden to. While it was an interesting change of pace for Link, he was rather glad to be out of the ominous woods. Now, they needed to decide where to go. There was no way to communicate with the other half of their party, so they had to make a bit of an educated guess as to where they were.

Where should they attempt to meet Zelda and Revali?

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