Author’s Note (Alfred): In an effort not to spoil anything (plus, the story didn’t really get that much more fleshed out), we’re deviating from the Champion’s Ballad’s story. Not to get too full of ourselves, but I like our story better, though I’m a bit biased. So, don’t worry about having the story for the DLC spoiled as you will find no spoilers for it here!

Being the leader of an army of people was a tough charge; you did not get much respite and when you did, it was often interrupted by a tragedy or abrupt change in the status quo. Daruk knew this all too well. As the Champion of the Goron people, he was their overseer and protector, leading them in fights and making sure everything went smoothly. However, sneak attacks were one thing he never expected. And why would he? They were at a time of peace. Sure, there were different monsters that would occasionally attack, but nothing as drastic as this.

But here he was, leading his men into a battle against different creatures of Ganon’s making. “Okay, men, let’s roll!” He called out to them, encouraging them. Goron were strong and durable, but even a well-placed attack could hurt them if they weren’t careful. “Fight with all you’ve got, but don’t die on me!” The Goron rushed the beasts, fighting the only way they knew how: with brash force and disregard for their surroundings.

The fight for their home raged, though it was obvious they were outnumbered quite vastly. By how much, Daruk knew not. Behind him, he heard a young Goron cry out as he was toppled by a Lizalfos. The lizard had him on his back, having taken him by surprise. Daruk knew that he couldn’t reach him in time, but he tried anyways. Rolling up, he readied himself to speed towards him, when an arrow flew through the air and struck the reptile in the back of the head, ending it. Daruk looked up and saw a Rito above them, flying in the air and taking out enemies. He remembered telling them to stay out of it, but he knew that now was not the time to turn away allies.

Revali’s view from the air proved quite useful in eliminating the pests that had invaded the Goron’s home. He would take out the stragglers and thin the numbers of the enemies while the Gorons handled the groundwork. Soon enough, the creatures were fleeing for their lives, the few of them that were left anyways. Revali came down and landed in front of the Goron Champion, who sized him up. With a loud laugh, he pulled the Rito in a hug and smiled brightly, “ah, brother you have been a huge help!”

Revali pushed away, clearing his throat and dusting himself off. “Ahem, yes, well, thank Princess Zelda. I came to help at her behest,” he said, despite knowing that he had to do some of the convincing. Zelda came running up behind them, a bit worried. She had not been able to help and thus had to stay back with the injured Gorons.

“I am glad everyone is okay,” Zelda sighed, bowing before Daruk. “I know that this is not quite the time to ask, but after seeing you in action and after having heard of your exploits as Champion of the Goron people, I would like to request for you to become a Champion of Hyrule and help us on our quest to destroy Ganon. I know it’s a lot to ask-” Zelda was cut off by another loud laugh from Daruk. She looked at him, puzzled.

“Princess, you don’t need to be so formal! Sure, I’ll join your crusade. After what Ganon did here, I’ve got some payback to give him. Besides, I owe the bird over here after helping us out.” Daruk smiled and slapped Revali on the back affectionately.

“Excuse me, the Rito are no mere birds. We are-” Revali was cut off by a stiff elbow from Zelda.

“We are very grateful to you, Daruk of the Gorons,” Zelda said, bowing once more in gratitude. “I am sure that this arrangement will benefit us all.”

“So, she’s the sword?” Mipha asked, leaning forward and examining Fi, who floated there emotionlessly.

“I believe I am much more than that, but to simplify it, yes. I am the Master Sword,” Fi responded, spinning around to show herself off. Her time with the first hero had given her the capacity to at least emulate some emotions, though limited. Still the ever bit analytical, though, Fi was ever the same. “I have been asleep for quite some time, however. Though I have been aware of all of those that have held me in the past, my memories are out of sorts. I remember three different eras, all of them sharing differences and diverging from one point. Tell me, which one are we in?”

Link and Mipha looked at each other, understandably confused. “Timeline? Era? What do you mean?” All of this had taken a while for Link to grasp, but now, the spirit of the sword was making even less sense.

“Ah, my apologies. I forget the limitations of man sometimes. Of course you would not be cognizant of which timeline you fell in. Though, I was not underwater stuck in the head of that man, so I believe that rules out one possibility. But I digress. Come,” she said, returning to the sword, “let us be off now.”

Link shrugged, scratching his head. It probably was best to ignore her rambling of timelines and eras. It would only serve to make things more complicated. Mipha followed suit, trailing behind him. She supposed that his adventure had been a success thanks to the sword he now had. However, something felt off about it. It was as if it did not have its full power returned to it. She shook her head, hoping that it was just her imagination.

“Well, Link, should we go meet with Zelda and Revali?” Mipha asked as the pair walked from the forest. The Hylian tilted his head back and looked up at the sky. It was true they should probably resume their company with the princess and the Rito, but they could also go and find the Gerudo Champion.

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