“Euwgh,” Revali groaned. How could these Goron live in this sweltering heat? It was as if it was a hellish wasteland devoid of life and… intelligence. It wasn’t that Revali thought himself better than the Goron.

Okay, that’s not true at all.

Revali actually saw them as lesser beings. Not in the sense that they mattered less, but rather that they were quite unintelligent. To the winged archer, the Goron were as dumb as the rocks they ate.

Zelda could sense Revali’s repulsion. While she did not share it, she understood his mindset. Revali saw himself and his race as refined compared to the Goron. The Rito were proper, well-mannered, and suave in both their words and their movements. The Goron, on the other hand, were crass, loud, and boisterous. Whereas the Rito would see an obstacle and fly over it, around it, or device a new strategy altogether, the Goron would bowl right through it-sometimes quite literally.

“Revali, you’ll need to hide that look of disgust once we encounter the Gerudo. We need them on our side and I will not have you screwing this up for me,” Zelda commented harshly. She was not about to let an uptight bird ruin her mission. All he did was nod in response, obviously not happy about it. Though, he did take a moment to weigh his options. It was either the ‘dumb’ Goron or the annoyingly cheery Korok children. This was a no-win scenario for him.

He flapped his wings and took flight into the air, getting ready to scan his surroundings when he saw what appeared to be an odd and unnerving sight before him. It was a beast that he had only read about in the history books. A cyclopic ball of molten lava and stone, the Pyroclastic Fiend: Scaldera. There seemed to be quite the fight going on ahead of them as he ravaged a group of mining Goron. While they were holding their own, they did not seem to be making much headway in killing the beast.

“Princess! There is an ancient monster attacking the Goron!” Revali reported from up top.

Here? Now? Without Link? As loathe as she was to admit it, she needed him now. She could not fight this beast on her own and she was not too sure that Revali could either. More than that, she did not even know what the beast was. “Revali, go ahead and help the Goron. I’ll see if there are any injured that need help,” Zelda replied.

“Understood. Use your light magic to heal all that you can and I’ll take care of the rest,” he nodded as he went forward.

‘Light magic.’ Zelda’s face contorted into a small frown as she tried to hide her doubt. She could not even use her magic, much less heal those in need. Still, she went off to do what she could. Meanwhile, Revali was abusing the beast’s weakspot. The only part not covered in lava and stone was its singular eye, which was a rather easy target for an expert marksman such as himself. With minimal effort, he sniped the beast’s eye a few times before it crumpled to the ground and died with little fanfare.

Even though Revali saw much success through little effort, Zelda found no success with much effort. Despite trying to heal any injured Goron, her magic would not manifest itself. Instead, she could only bandage them and wait for more help to arrive. It stung to be in such a helpless position as many relied on her. The fear and pain in their eyes reflected in hers as each injured soldier she found cried out for help. Could she do this anymore? Could she really go on pretending and give people false hope in abilities that did not even exist?

Revali touched down next to her, his excitement waning as he saw the wounded. Despite his ease in the monster’s destruction, he knew that the Goron were no archers. They could only pound away at the hard, hot exterior of the threat as it flailed about, beating and thrashing the oncoming attackers. “There are so many injured… why are they not…” Revali turned to look at Zelda whose eyes flowed with tears.

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