“I think our best bet is to send Zelda up there to reason with them,” Link said. Zelda was surprised by his vote of confidence and blushed.

“Well, thank you, Link. I appreciate your confidence in me,” she said, a tremble in her voice. Truth be told, she was very nervous about going up there. Her secret was yet to be revealed to the group, and she refused to tell them.  As long as they thought she had access to her magic, they would treat her as a valuable member to their team. “Revali, will you come with me?”

The Rito nodded, ruffling his feathers and getting ready to take flight. It was at least a day or two’s trip up the mountain. “Link,” Zelda began, “you and Mipha should head towards the forest. There, you will find the Master Sword. It is our last resort in case… well, just get it.” Zelda sighed. She was hoping to avoid getting the sword, as it would mean a full-frontal assault on Ganon rather than using the Divine Beasts to kill him.

The hylian nodded, seeing that there was nothing he could do to help the situation any further. He would be useless in diplomatic relations, but as a warrior, he was useful. The two pairs split off and ventured towards their respective goals. Link had heard about the Master Sword before, but he had no idea if he would even remove it from its pedestal. It was only supposed to be taken by the hero of legend; it was meant for someone worthy of the title “Hero,” and he certainly did not feel ready for that.

As Link and Mipha rode quietly along the path, Link took a deep breath and spoke up. “Mipha, let’s say… well, what happens if I can’t actually remove the sword from its pedestal?” Link asked, his horse slowly trotting along.

“Oh, don’t think like that, Link. Surely it will be easy for you! You’re a brave soldier and getting the sword will be a piece of cake! Why, I bet Hylia is already ready and waiting to give you its blessing!” Mipha reassured her friend, though, she had her doubts, too. It was said that if the wrong person tried to remove the sword from the pedestal, they would die. She remained calm and composed for Link, but inwardly, she was terrified.

When they reached the forest entrance, they saw what appeared to be a small boy with a straw hat dancing in front of it. Before one could get to the sacred forest of the Koroks, they had to travel through the Lost Woods. The woods took on many forms throughout the ages, not necessarily due to evil, but as a necessary trial to ward off would-be villains who would seek to use the power of the forest for evil.

“Hey, Fairy Boy!” The small figure said to Link, continuing to dance as he guarded the entrance.

Fairy Boy? What exactly was he insinuating…? “Uh, hi. We need to get to the Korok Forest. Would you mind letting us pass by?” Link asked kindly.

“Play with me!” The child exclaimed happily. He seemed to be ignoring Link’s words.

“Listen, we really don’t have time to-” Mipha started, but was cut off by Link.

“Sure. We’ll play with you,” he nodded. He figured that the only way to get into the Lost Woods was through this boy. Maybe he could even guide them.

“Yay!” He said, jumping up and down. “But she has to stay out here. Only Fairy Boy can come in!”

Mipha shot a worried glance towards Link. She was not worried about staying outside of the forest and setting up a small camp. Mipha’s worries were rather directed towards Link. What if this was some sort of trap? What if he tried to grab the sword and died? How would she ever know?

“I’ll play with you, and she will stay here, if you lead me to Korok Forest,” Link stated, offering a deal to the dancing boy.

“Sure! Sure! We’ll play and play and go to the forest!” He said, the beak on his black face not changing. It did not appear that he could alter his expression and Link was actually very unnerved around the boy.

“Okay then,” Link agreed, dismounting his horse. “Mipha, stay here. If you need any help or if something happens, run into the Lost Woods. You’ll at least be safe in there… I think.” With that, he left into the woods with the strange being.

“Fairy Boy! Fairy Boy! I’m playing with Fairy Boy!” The kid exclaimed while dancing.

“Uh huh. My name’s actually Link. And you are?” Link asked, trying to correct the child’s nickname.

“Fairy Boy doesn’t recognize me? It’s okay. It’s been centuries! Fairy Boy is Skull Kid’s friend, so Skull Kid will forgive Fairy Boy!” Skull Kid nodded, looking up at Link with his glowing eyes. “Where is Fairy Boy’s fairy and Ocarina? Did Fairy Boy lose them again?”

Link was quite perplexed by Skull Kid’s questions. Fairy? Ocarina? Who did this Skull Kid think he was, exactly. “Yea… I seem to have misplaced them again. So how do we get to the forest from here?”

“Let’s play a game! A game! Fairy Boy said he would play with Skull Kid!” Again, he seemed to ignore Link’s request.

The exasperated Hylian sighed. He would get nowhere with this Skull Kid if he did not at least try to play with him. “Okay, Skull Kid, what game are we going to play?”

“Skull Kid wants to play Hide-and-Go-Seek! Unless Fairy Boy has a better game!” Skull Kid squeaked, still dancing. “Skull Kid wanted to play music with Fairy Boy, but Fairy Boy seems to have lost his precious Ocarina again. Wait!” Skull Kid’s demeanor changed, though not physically. The small forest child dug into his bag and pulled out a flute and an odd, tan object made of clay with several holes in it. “Skull Kid found this a long time ago. It belonged to a Kokiri girl!”

Kokiri? He probably meant Korok, Link surmised. Well, now he had two options. He had no idea how to play that instrument, but he could try. Or, he could risk playing Hide-and-Go-Seek in the massive Lost Woods.

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