I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Zelda community has some of the most dedicated fans out there, and Esseff3d is one such individual. This fan decided to take the time and create his very own Master Sword using a 3D printer he had at his disposal. The printer wasn’t all he used to be able to bring this iconic item to life, however, as it took a little bit more effort to complete this project.

For starters, the 3D model he used was a combination of two other swords available at Thingiverse. He took the hilt from one model and the blade from another to be able bring about his desired shape for their Master Sword. It then seems as though the hilt was too big and detailed for the 3D printer he had, so they cut it into four pieces that he then superglued and welded together. After all the pieces of the sword were printed and put together, Esseff3d primed and sanded it with filler primer and then spray painted the sword, adding a glossy clear coat finish to it once he was done. The result of his hard work was a fantastic piece, detailing a rather nice depiction of the series’ iconic Master Sword.

If you’re interested in seeing more images on their process throughout making this replica, make sure to check out the gallery below. Have any of you used 3D printing to make creations such as this? Let us know what other Zelda items you’d love to see brought to life down in the comments!

Source: Imgur

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