A fan on Deviant Art decided to take a crack at creating potential concepts for the UI display in Zelda U. While this display is 100% fan made, it still brings up an interesting discussion point. What sort of UI are we really expecting to see? The art depicts what you would figure would be the UI if you play the game with a Wii U Pro Controller versus the gamepad, as much of this UI would naturally shift to the touch screen otherwise. Still, it’s an interesting concept. I am just happy a magic meter was included, as most of us have been clamoring for true magic to return to the series for a long time now (not just a few items, but the ability to use spells).

Being fan work, naturally there are inspirations from other games in the series, but I want to focus on the UI itself. What sort of UI design would you like to see in Zelda U… both with and without the GamePad?

Source: DeviantArt

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