Hey everyone, it’s time for another round of Fan Art Showdown! As per usual, we feature two outstanding pieces of fan art, illustrated by fellow members of the Zelda fanbase, but only one gets to taste victory. If you missed out on last week’s instalment, you can find it here. Before we get down to our usual procedures, let’s talk about the winner of last week’s Showdown:

Winning Piece – “Impregnable Fortress” by RODOLINC

Congratulations RODOLINC, your submission has been voted triumphant by the kind people of Zelda Informer!

This intricate piece of art has won with a lead of a whopping 82%! Well done!

To both contestants who were featured in the last instalment of Fan Art Showdown, thank you for participating, and you are always welcome to submit more artwork to us for a chance to be featured, and of course, to win.

Speaking of submitting artwork, did you know you’re allowed to send in your own artwork, whether that be a physical item you’ve crafted or an illustration? Shoot us your submissions at fanart@zeldadungeon.net and we’ll notify you if you’re chosen. If your piece isn’t chosen immediately, fear not, as it’ll be saved in our ever-expanding collection of fan art, so there’s still hope!

Please view our Submission Guidelines below before submitting artwork to us:

  • Submission may not contain content that can be considered over PG-13. This includes sexual references, drug/alcohol references, graphic content, and profanity.
  • PLEASE include a title with each of your submissions. Any submissions that don’t have a title won’t be featured in any future installment of Fan Art Showdown.
  • You’re allowed to send multiple pieces of art, but please tell me which one you want featured first. I will save the other pieces for a future installment.
  • If your piece ends up being featured, don’t slander the other competitor’s artwork. Constructive criticism is allowed, just don’t bash them for it.

Now then, enough of the delays, let’s take a look at this week’s featured fan art!

#1 – “Sacred Memories” by Gracie Keener

A beautiful acrylic painting. This art piece was painted on a blank canvas, and is a reference to the ending of Majora’s Mask. The lone hat of the Skull Kid and yawning distance between it and the triforce definitely pulls at your heartstrings.

#2 – “Medli” by Paul Reilly

This realistic portrait of Medli, features the beautiful focal point of her eyes. The shading techniques are very expressive, and show us a new side of our flying friend.


Which piece of art do you favor the most? Make sure you vote for it at the top of the page, and don’t forget you can send us your own submissions!

Please send your fan art to fanart@zeldadungeon.net, and remember to read the guidelines (also at the top of the page) before submitting.