The above scans come straight from Nintendo’s May 2011 issue of Nintendo Power, which feature, above all else, a heavy slew of brand new screenshots. As you read the text you’ll realize after the first couple pages they are mostly detailing Link’s journey, so for the 3 people viewing this site that never played Ocarina of Time.. I guess “spoiler alert”. For the rest, it’s a nice romp down memory lane with a fresh injection of change, as the writer goes on in each area to talk about things that catch your eye while doing the first part of the game through Hyrule Castle courtyard. In the end it’s a great feature spanning 6 pages.




This edition of Nintendo Power actually has a double Zelda feature, as it has another article talking about the “Greatest Moments in A Link to the Past”, which is rather informative and even brings up some moments that already made our top 100 list. Of course, we can’t just provide all the scans for you right? I guess we could, but come now, it’s 6$! Like the feature above? Time to head out and get this months magazine for the second. It also features an excellent piece about the rerelease of Tales of the Abyss and the Nintendo 3DS. Frankly, this issue is so good it’s making me contemplate on resubscribing all over again. In Nintendo we trust, right people?

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