Erica's Ocarina Experience: Song of Time 12-Hole MiniWelcome to the second installment of Erica’s Ocarina Experience! Thank you all so much for all of your comments and suggestions. After going through all of your requests, I was able to narrow down to one song for this week. The Song of Healing from Majora’s Mask!

Majora’s Mask is one of my favorite songs from the Zelda series as well. This is my version of the song, since the twelve hole ocarina has a limited range. I wasn’t able to put the entire song on one image, so I split the song into two parts for those who don’t want the complete song.

Song of Healing Part 1

Song of Healing Part 2

I apologize ahead of time once again about the video. The sound quality isn’t very good, and I was extremely nervous because this version of Song of Healing I didn’t learn until earlier this week. I think maybe two days ago when I first wrote it out? I wanted to make it a little different for you, but still keep the original melody while exploring as many of the notes on the Ocarina as possible.

As a tip for playing the higher notes on an ocarina, you should tip your head down, and push more air through the instrument. With the lower notes, use less air. You also want to either make a ‘du du’ or a ‘tu tu’ sound to articulate the notes.

Also, in celebration of ZeldaInformer’s birthday, I have put together Happy Birthday for those who would like to play at a friend’s party. It’s up to you to play it my way or not, but give it a go!

Happy Birthday On The Ocarina

Once again, comment to request the next song!

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