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If there’s anything that Emily Rogers is known by, it’s making predictions that are wrong… well most of the time anyway. She has released her final predictions for E3, based on what her “sources” tell her. Some of them are extremely obvious – like Café has enhanced online capabilities – and so are really out there – such as 20 playable Café titles on the show floor. What’s interesting is that Emily has said she will “never write an article again” if her predictions are wrong, so something must be going on – either she’s confident, or just wants out of here. Predictions inside.

  • There will be over twenty playable Project Café titles on the show floor.
  • Pikmin 3 is guaranteed to be there and playable on the new home console.
  • Soul Calibur 5 is a launch title.
  • Ubisoft is planning three launch titles.
  • Nintendo wants to launch with a big first person shooter title.
  • Smash Bros. is in development, but by a different team of people.
  • Rockstar is working on something for the system, but it might not be at E3.
  • There will not be a hard drive.
  • Nintendo has improved their online system significantly.

Source: The Nintendo Stream (via GoNintendo)

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