Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

The Developer Interview above is rather astounding and contains a slew of new details about the The Wind Waker HD. Here are the major points made:

  • Sensation of feeling the temperature
  • First worked on Off-TV Play
  • Touch based baton movements make you feel connected to Link
  • Aiming certain items are done using the gyroscope (can use L and R sticks too)
  • The faster moving ship is an ability you acquire
  • The whole ocean is loaded at once, which is what allowed them to speed it up
  • Admits Triforce fetch quest didn’t feel right. Adjustments made to make it feel complete

I know many aren’t too impressed with the changes so far, and I think much of it comes from rerelease fatigue. All I know is, I’ll be busting out our Wind Waker HD Walkthrough and enjoying another romp through Wind Waker in full 1080p HD this fall. Will you?

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