Twilight Princess E3 2006 Trailer

How do you purchase a “trailer”, you are likely to be wondering. Well, this trailer can be purchased in DS cartridge form, so is playable on any DS console from the original, through to the 3DS. These were given out to visitors of the Nintendo Press conference at E3 in 2006.

There are only 500 of them worldwide, and while it is a tad of a obvious “hey, I can sell this to some Zelda fan for heaps of money”, it would make a sweet collectible item. See, they’ve sucked me in. With 29 days remaining on the eBay listing, the buy it now price if $599US. Yeah, and people say the 3DS is expensive. Link below if you’re thinking of adding this to your collection.

This next quote is the item description as found on eBay. Check out the link in the source below.

Here you have maybe that last chance in your life to purchase this really rare Zelda collectible!!!

Maybe there are only 500 pieces available Worldwide and there are only given to the visitors

of the Nintendo Press conference at E3 2006 !!!

Source: eBay

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