Essentially, EA Sports is calling the Wii old news. A last generation console if you will. It’s understandable why this feeling can come over the fans, but for a company to come out and simply state that is rather odd. Yes, the PS3 is just as capable motion wise as Wii-Mote with the Wii MotionPlus attachment, but it also still costs more and it doesn’t have the installed base. Kinnect is actually a brilliant way of progressing the motion technology. In all of this, sure the Wii is old. Bottom line is that most EA games simply didn’t sell that well on the Wii. Others have found ways to do well (Just Dance, Monster Hunter Tri, etc), but EA has had issues. A couple Tiger games sold well and De Blob original game did decent, but they haven’t been able to get any of their core franchises to sell.

Of course, is that the fault of the Wii or is that the fault of the company? I love madden, but I was forced to buy an Xbox 360 so I can enjoy the actual game. The Wii version was a watered down crappy arcade styled game that couldn’t even compete with Blitz. The game was conflicted in it’s presentation. As a Wii owner I accepted the fact that we were going to get worse graphics, but at least try to give us the classic Madden game using the Motion controls to ENHANCE the experience. That, or give us the option to use the Classic Controller Pro. Whatever the case is, EA Games is most likely done with Nintendo’s console until they release a new one. One has to wonder how many other 3rd parties will be joining them as this year comes to a close.

Source: Kotaku

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