E3 Awards 2011

It has been two weeks now since E3, so you could call us slow, but in reality it is more about taking a holistic approach and letting everything sink in before handing out our awards. That’s exactly what we’ve done, so read on to see what gets our recognition from Nintendo at E3 2011 in such categories as Best Overall Game, Best Presenter, Best Moment, and many more.

Best Overall

Wii U

It is said that new hardware outranks software simply because of the sheer scope it provides. With Wii U that certainly was the case, because the gameplay potential of this beast is off the charts. A deserving standout of E3 2011.

Best Overall Game

Skyward Sword

It controls as Nintendo claims it does, it looks stunning, it sounds even better – and it is the long anticipated Zelda title on the Wii. As a primarily Zelda fansite, we couldn’t see this award going to any other game title.

Best on Stage Appearance

Eiji Aonuma

Sure he may just have stood here and waved, but hey – Eiji Aonuma, the man who leads the Zelda development team. We don’t usually see him on stage, but we did for Zelda’s 25th, and it is worth acknowledging.

Best Presenter

John Riccitiello

Who’s this guy? The President of EA. While Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto/Trinen all delivered as usual, seeing a big third party developer on stage at a Nintendo conference was a big step

Best Moment

Zelda Orchestra

The best opening to an E3 conference ever, in our opinions. An awesome medley of Zelda music from a live orchestra and choir, with a video compilation of Zelda playing on the screen -which eventually lead into Ocarina of Time 3D footage and the new Skyward Sword Trailer.

Best Wii Game

Skyward Sword

It was the best game overall, so it kind of needs to be the best Wii game as well.

Best DS Game

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Layton wasn’t a real stand out, just the best out of the dying breed of DS games. Kirby Mass Attack also gets an honorable mention here.

Best 3DS Game

Super Mario 3D

A new Super Mario, in 3D. Cross between Super Mario 64 and Galaxy. Nuff said! Honorable mention to Kid Icarus as well.

Best Newly Revealed Game

Luigi’s Mansion 2

No one saw this coming, and it was good to get a decent new reveal amongst a whole lot of software we’d seen before and/or were expecting.

Best eShop Title

Link’s Awakening

Can’t really say there is any contest there. Of all games on the eShop so far, it is by far the best. And it being announced as available from “today” during the conference was pretty cool.

Best Wii U Game

Super Smash. Bros

We are jumping the gun a bit here, but of all of the games we’ve heard of for Wii U – this is the one to get us Nintendo fans most excited. Development may not have even begun, but its gonna be good.

Do you agree or disagree with our awards? How would they be if you decided? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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