E3 2011 Checklist

As part of our countdown leading up to E3, we had two site features on what to expect. One of them focused on Nintendo, and the other specifically on Zelda. So from that list, from what we expecting, what has Nintendo delivered? Much was addressed by Nintendo during their press conference, but much was also revealed following their conference. Much has also come clear in the weeks following E3. Read on for the E3 2011 checklist, showing what we expected and what was delivered.

What we expected is on the left, and then what has been delivered is in bold on the right.

Wii U

  • Announcement and reveal, detailing hardware and capabilities. ✔ – Announced for a 2012 release.
  • Launch Titles revealed – such as Smash Bros and GTA 5. ✔✘ – Some third party launch titles revealed, but no first party. A Smash Bros. game is coming eventually, but no first party launch titles announced.


  • A reminder that the Wii isn’t finished with lots of new software. ✘ – Complete opposite really, revealing that the Wii is almost done and dusted.
  • Pikmin 3. ✔ – In development for Wii U.
  • Kirby Wii. ✔ – Coming to Wii later this year.
  • The Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower. ✘ – No mention whatsoever.
  • Surprise new software. ✔✘ – Mario Party 9, Just Dance 3 and Mario and Sonic at 2012 Olympics – but nothing major.

Nintendo DS

  • Nothing is expected because the 3DS has succeeded the DS. ✔ – True, other than some small announcements such as Kirby Mass Attack, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 and Super Fossil Fighters.
  • Professor Layton and the Last Specter. ✔ – Is “coming soon”.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Announcement of titles coming to the eShop. ✘ – Didn’t happen. We just got an introduction to what was already available.
  • Kid Icarus. ✔ – Coming 2011.
  • Star Fox 64 3D. ✔ – Coming 2011.
  • Super Mario 3D. ✔ – Coming 2011.
  • Paper Mario 3DS.✔ – Coming Soon.
  • Mario Kart 3DS. ✔ – Coming 2011.
  • Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle. ✘ – No mention.
  • Animal Crossing. ✔ – Coming Soon.
  • Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney. ✘ – No mention.
  • Some other big announcements. ✔✘ – Not really other than Luigi’s Mansion 2.


  • Ocarina of Time 3D final showing and hype. ✔ Exactly what we got. Nothing more or less.
  • Skyward Sword. ✔ – Coming 2011
  • 25th Anniversary. ✔ – A game for every console (Ocarina of Time on 3DS, Four sword on DSiWare, Link’s Awakening on eShop and Skyward sword on Wii.) Also CDs, live orchestra tours and more to be announced.
  • Zelda Williams Secret Shooting. ✔ – Was revealed as an Ocarina of Time 3D commercial with her dad, Robin Williams.
  • eShop Zelda Titles. ✔✘ – We got Link’s Awakening, and Four Swords will be on the eShop as DSiWare. No others were mentioned.
  • New titles for 3DS or Wii U. ✘ – None for either. Just a Wii U tech demo.

Remember, this is just a checklist of everything that could have been at E3. For our actual predictions and how they went, have a look at “E3 Aftermath: How Did ZI’s Predictions Stack Up?”. So although we didn’t get a lot of what we expected during the actual press conference, it did come later in the week at E3, and some things such as Zelda William’s shooting have been revealed more recently.

What are your thoughts? Did you get everything you expected at E3? What do you wish we had gotten details on where we didn’t? Let us know in the comments.

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