These pictures are far from exciting. Like the previous posts of Nintendo’s booth and the boxes, the biggest thing here is just grasping we are going to see hands on as we’re walking into the registration area at the Nokia center to get our pass. We’ll be arriving a few hours early (correction, Alex will be arriving), so he can scope out the parking situation, as well as make sure to get one of the best seats in the house. He’ll be waiting, like we all are, and it will be even harder for him since he is right there. He is in the same building as Reggie and likely Iwata and Miyamoto.

Once he gets settled in, he’ll be in touch with me to work out our live blog situation, so we can literally bring you the latest from the conference live, as well as in our “slightly” delayed news posts. He’s just getting warmed up in the wait process, as he will be waiting a hell of a long time on the show floor afterwords. Lines have been known to take up to 3 hours or more, and sometimes that simply reduces your experience at the show to just a few games – other times it opens the floor up as well. If Kafei is playable with demo’s, it could make the Skyward Sword line a bit shorter than last year. It also means the wait for Kafei is going to be tiresome. If there is nothing else we accomplish at E3, we want to promise all of you that we will get hands on with the new Skyward Sword Demo, and we will get hands on with Kafei (or whatever it is called). If things go smoother than anticipated, we’ll likely get a lot more coverage in, especially on day 3.




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