Some of you may be aware, but for those that are not we are in the process of doing a significant server upgrade. This upgrade should provide a lot of advantages for you guys, some of which you may notice out the gate. As an example, the load times at Zelda Informer should improve, which is always one of the constant complaints of visiting this site. We are doing this by spreading the load across multiple servers versus pulling it all from one place, which can limit the load speed.

Thats not all, the server upgrade also takes care of some of the lingering restrictions cloud sites has had for awhile. Namely file hosting and security. While Cloud Sites is an excellent platform for hosting, fact remains that we have outgrown that hosting much faster than we ever expected. Thats a great thing, actually. The downside is the first bill for the new server is naturally going to be bigger than the previous. That being said, Zelda Informer is going to need help covering this bill.

The target goal for the help we need is 300$, and we have roughly two weeks to come up with that money via donations. While June was an excellent month for us (we made $484.99) we wont be seeing the money from that month until the end of august. As you can see, this quick fix donation money is just a one time ordeal specific for this server upgrade – we’ll be able to cover all of the costs after this month ourselves. So what are you waiting for? You don’t want to see us go down do you? You want this site to get bigger, better, and faster right? Then help us get to our 300$ goal!

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