Zelda Hand Towell

Just calm yourselves down folks – it’s only a hand towel after all. Well, maybe not “just” a hand towel. It’s a handmade hand towel (oh, the irony) with a nice little Hyrule Royal Crest – as seen in The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword – in the corner. It measures 13 by 13 inches, and would have been a nice edition to any Zelda fans laundry collection.

Sadly, only one of these things was made and has already sold on Etsy. It’d be great if some more of these were made, but it might just start being an infringement of copyright to start mass producing them. Nintendo could of course do it themselves – along with Zelda shower curtains, face towels, shower caps and… Wow, all of that would actually be pretty cool.

Source: Etsy (via Zelda Dungeon)

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