Early this morning, there was another NicoNico stream of Hyrule Warriors, this time focusing on elements of Twilight Princess. While we’ve gotten plenty of gameplay footage from this stream, we were surprised with a couple of trailers that can’t be missed. These videos demonstrate, for the very first time, how Link and Zelda will look and function in battle—and even in cutscenes—with their DLC costumes. The music in the trailer even changes to reflect the costume being shown! We do apologize for the quality of the video, but at the moment all we have is the video directly from the stream. We will update with higher quality videos as soon as they are available.

The first video begins with Ocarina of Time Link utilizing the Magic Rod to fight off some Gorons (oddly enough). His attacks in this video are very similar to those used in the original character trailer for Link and the Magic Rod, so there’s no much new in terms of moves, but the enemies and the area and certainly different. This is quickly followed up with footage of Twilight Princess Link using the Power Gauntlets with the Ball and Chain to wipe out some enemies in the Twilight Realm stage. Again, although the moves used are nearly identical to those used in the other video of Link and this item, we do get to see it in action in a different location with different enemies. Finally, we’re treated to some great footage of Skyward Sword Link simply going at it with his sword (whether it is the Goddess Sword or the Hylian Sword is unspecified), which appears to call back upon some of the first gameplay videos we saw for this game.

The trailer for Zelda goes in much the same pattern. Ocarina of Time Zelda takes the field with her rapier to take down her foes, throwing a solid toss of the Boomerang in for good measure. Next, the Zelda from Twilight Princess takes on the Twilight Lands stage with her rapier, but with more of an emphasis on its ability to transform into a bow and shoot Light Arrows at her opponents. Lastly, but certainly not least, we see Skyward Sword Zelda make short work of her enemies through the use of the baton.

Although the quality of the footage leaves something to be desired, it’s still extremely clear that the detail put into these costumes is fantastic. Something that stood out to me was that although there aren’t too many differences between Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time Zelda (besides the hair), it’s her eyes that demonstrate the differences of these two character interpretations. At the very least, this footage confirms that the costumes will look just as great as the defaults.

While there’s still no word as to whether this DLC will come to Western territories, hopefully this will be one of the many questions answered in the

Hyrule Warriors Direct on Monday. What do you guys think of this footage? Are you sold on this DLC? Or is it just not enough without a Tetra and Toon Link pack?

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